Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Omnipresent, as described and understood by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the boys, my son and nephew, are youth leaders this year at vacation bible school.  -of this, i am enormously proud.   -they have accumulated some fun stories to share; and if these stories, these memories, are to be shared with a larger audience i will leave it for them to do..

i just want to take on one thing:  they mentioned a child who asked, "is God bigger than a giant?"

and then I responded, "tell her God is omnipresent"

and the way the boys looked at me I knew that they did not yet know what this meant:   'omni~present'

in brief:   at all places; at all time; without beginning; without end.

So, at all places, at all time, infinitely.

-difficult concept to grasp for humans who think in terms of beginnings, middles & ends, and locations.

the best analogy I've been able to come up with, /dear hostadter,

is LOVE.   I've mentioned in prior blogs, but let me revisit:

where is love?  can you point to it on a map?

did love exist before you were born?
will it exist after you physically die?

when did LOVE come into existence exactly?

if this family over here has 12 children they love very, very, very x12 much...

does that mean there is going to be a shortage for the next family?

how much love is there to go around?  how and when will it run out?  Where is it stored?

where do we find it?   How do we get more? Or less? 

How big is it?  Who can measure?  What tool would you use to measure love?  A scale? A measuring tape?

to the question:  is God bigger than a giant?

I'd have to say..   God.. IS an omnipresent LOVE giant

God is love.



At 5:13 PM, Blogger SHE said...

so I go.. hey.. I described omni~presence on my blog today and text'd you the link..

did either one of you read it?

and they looked all blank in the face.. then grinned at each other..

"Um, .. mine wouldn't let me open the link... "

and the other "you sent a link? "


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