Monday, July 06, 2015

No, we have not been photo-shopped in..

-that really is (me!) & (my sister!) BBQ'n.   -so there.. 
"Thank you!" here to our dad who gifted my sister with her very own BBQ for her recent birthday. "Thank you! to Ricks Picks!.. for a great deal.. " Thank you!" to Chris Lampson for helping educate us about the chain-thing designed to ..?...  'Oh! it holds matches..'.  And for helping us discover the ignition was not broken.. "You just pull it out.. remove the plastic.. there's a battery.."

"Yes, of course..  we would have figured that out ourselves...


and "Thank you!" to our brave mom and her husband.. and the kids for not laughing.. remaining calm.. and insisting these were the best hot dogs ever..

i mean,  -not just anyone can heat up a hot dog..   -write.

next: hamburgers.  and if the house is still standing after that.. Kabobs.. if no alarms go off that night..  we will BBQ some tri-tip..

-there is no stopping us now.. 


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