Thursday, July 02, 2015

no, i KNOW its (ray orrock!)

im not guessing.. i know.  -let me explain..

even very highly spiritual people doubt their own gifts; very common.

-the reason..  /place rest of this in kevin harts voice and rhythm:

"-the reason, ..i'm 'bout to tell you..   the reason you see, is because..

you can't prove it.. can't prove it in a court of law..

" you hear voices?..".    -how come we can't hear no voices?

imitate the voice you hear.. come on. we gotta hear this..

(Bad imitation verbalized):    "did you know the court can appoint you a psychiatrist..   -I think we need to appoint this girl a Sci-fi-entist..    -whatchoo talkin 'bout voices..?

like the one that tells me i can't have no birthday cake..  ?  -that's not a voice.. that's my brain sister..  sees everything I ate all day..  the double serving of bacon at breakfast..  the double cheeseburger for lunch..   yeah.. I hear voices too! come to think of it..  " better not eat that birthday cake..

can you all hear that..  -sounds just like that voice SHE just made, don't it.. "Better not eat that birthday cake.."

-yeah,.. Shit..   Maybe that's comin' from my stomach though..

-anyone here ever have their stomach talk to them?  All... gru-owl-gru-...  /stomach sound effects..

maybe you're not crazy after all..  Maybe you just think you hearin' voices in your (points to head..)

but its really (points to stomach)..  your tummy talkin'

-yeah..  everybody got a talkin' tummy..."


point being..  we have no way to prove; no way to provide audible evidence; no way to record; no way to duplicate; no way to reproduce or manufacture or re~create these experiences.

-they just kind of happen if you are 1. Open, and 2. Paying attention..

so, sure.. it is my experience i heard from ray orrock. but i can just as easily come up with a secular counter and carry on..

EXCEPT!   -and sing here:  ".. can I have a witness...."

BECAUSE! -just this very moment my hand wrote

THE LAST LINE.. THE CLOSING THOUGHTS... of a humor story that is to be called, Humble Pie..

and!  "I DO NOT WRITE THAT WAY!".  -my process, with only very few and rare exceptions

is to WRITE a FIRST LINE, a FIRST sentence; and then everything flows out after that...

RAY ORROCKS process is to come up with an ending.. and then fill in the top...

so.. when I just now wrote the ENDING..   that's not (me!); that IS (ray orrock!)

its as if he picked up on my ... doubt..  

and sent confirmation. I feel entirely validated by this experience..

and look forward to writing Humble Pie my next day off..

I do already know the premise and will share that here;make the process transparent..

ENDS with  ".. the only exception being chocolate; if chocolate did not already exist, -something tells me

I would

on pure instinct alone..

figure out how to [variable here used in first part of story; repeat this pattern]

I.e.,   figure out how to fly a jet.  /because earlier in story I must explain part of the reason I stay so humble is because I don't know how to build a jet, or piolet a jet; or how a jet can even fly in the first place..

and this will be followed by 3 or 5 things I have no idea how to do, and would never figure out on my own..

and all things I mention going forward in the story are a set up for going backwards..

where going backwards is going to have me accomplishing the un~ accomplishable when it comes to discovering chocolate..

and somewhere in the body of the story I must confess and then question..

if chocolate bars were not already invented.. let's say they didn't exist in the market or any stores...   /etc.


so.. once again, before I close.. let me recap:

I thought I heard rays voice.. shortly after desiring a picture, I landed across one, .. I revisited my profile of him.. there were some telepathic communications of which even I can find secular reasons for..

but then just now..  To suddenly have the impulse to write a last line for a story..

which is his process; not mine.

-I can't ignore; secularize; or brush that off..

that's ....    ray.

"thank you friend!".    -see you someday...


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