Thursday, July 02, 2015

Its all relative.. as interpreted by (me!) sandra, tvgp

.. this passage seems to say the same thing I just wrote about.. God sees it all in context; not dollar amounts specifically, like you gave $500 and you gave $5, so the person who gave $500 gave more..

But rather you gave $500 out of $50,000
But this person gave $5 out $50..

"Giving more"  doesn't necessarily mean, literally.. you gave a higher dollar amount..

It is possible, in spiritual economy, for $1 to = more than $100, when you factor in from what potential source...

I've known and understood this for some time..  so, whenever I was with my children at church, and they put a financial statement on the screen for disclosure/transparency and gratitude purposes

I would say with a smile to my children..

.. see that $5 at the end of $5,715.00

..that would only say $5710.00 without us.


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