Thursday, July 02, 2015

"It is first a feeling.." for (me!) too.. sandra, tvgp

this time i happened across and recorded the artists tool box and watched john jacobsen interviewing isabel & ruben toledo.

isabel explained that for her.. "It is first a feeling.". -that is, she does not have a vision.. but a feeling.. that prompts the next design..

in the same way, i do not have a vision.. but 'i feel a poem coming on..' Or, 'i feel a story about to come out..'

It is first a feeling; a very specific; very identifiable  ~feeling.

followed up with a poem, or story, or piece of art, etc.

and.. when it comes to God working in my life..  -the same;

it is a feeling; i feel God at work in my life.. 

and then it is followed up with some visible, experiential, tangible spiritual progress..  more humble, or more mature, more patient, more kind, more compassionate, etc.

Praise God!  amen!


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