Friday, July 03, 2015

In Butte, Montana.. it is The 3rd of July! by (me!) sandra, tvgp #butteamerica #itsabigdamndeal

like, i know its the 3rd of July here too.. but the reason I put it in quotes.. is because for reasons that are still a great mystery to (me!)..  in Butte, Montana.. they celebrate "The 3rd of July!"

-not "The 4th of July!" like us more normal and conformed Americans..

also.. here in my neck of the small city woods..  we have what is commonly referred to as "safe & sane" fireworks...  and actually, they do not even sell fireworks in pleasanton, California..

you have to drive to our neighbor city, dublin if you want to purchase your very own fireworks..

the rest of us 'safe n' sane' types, like (me!).. we leave that kind of thing to the professionals..

our NORMALish branch of the family, here in the bay area, -we will sit on a blanket at a local school, bring snacks,  -this allows us a view of the spectacular fireworks show the professionals put on at the nearby Alameda county fair..

my brothers branch of the family..  'Un~safe & In~sane'

if you want to know what the 3rd of July is like in butte, Montana..

-I can't tell you.

not because I haven't been there.. I was there..

its just that .. I was like,

"My God..  are there absolutely NO LAWS whatsoever about fireworks here?"

i mean, the entire community is in on this..   like it ain't no thing..

kids of all ages..  with fireworks of all danger levels...

lighting up the entire big night sky..

-beautiful yes..  yes..   and fun.. yes.. Yes..  

I could see everyone else was having the time of there its-gonna-be-a-short-lived-lives..

but "oh my God.. that kid is near a car.. with a gas tank!"

"that one just..  

-I could hardly watch I was so nervous..

then when I saw that 3 year old smiling all big with his very own bulldogs, i think they're called..

i aged 6 years and surrendered to the indoors and just sat there praying..

and good thing I did because.. when it was all said and done..

-nothing but giant smiles & good memories from everyone who participated in the unsafe/insane fireworks block party...

so.. " Happy 3rd of July!" to you crazy people..

You go ahead and have fun.. 

/... i hold these truths to be self-evident.. that all men are created equal.. and endowed by our creator with certain unexplainable writes..

life, liberty, and the freedom to set off your very own fireworks..

or not.   -you can just watch trained professionals.. 

-whatever independence & happiness means to you.


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