Thursday, July 02, 2015

i know its you... (ray orrock!)

once again, told in secular english; booooring!  so i won't even bother

i have tell it in spiritual english...   im quickly losing my interest; and slowly losing my ability to even speak secular anymore..

don't use it; lose it, kind of thing.. 

anyway.. i thought. (secular) or should i say, i heard.. ,(spiritual)

-i thought i heard (bilingual!) ray orrocks voice saying 'just have fun'

and there was this kind of telepathic communication that took place about writing... (spiritual...)

or i was randomly thinking about him? and i imagined or recalled his voice.. and i projected what i thought he would say?

you can go ahead and process this any way you like..

but what i know.. is that the same way i know the saints helped me find my library book, and the same saints that got me watching and laughing at family videos when i was on the verge of tears..

well.. he must be in cohoots with them. how i know this, is because, like i said, i heard his voice..

'just have fun'.  -and intuitively i knew he was talking about writing; blogging.  intuitively i knew  -well, i can sometimes be too serious..

and so i said back with my thoughts, i said..

'you're write..  '.   and i joked with him a little bit about how he gave up religion..   'heaven,' i said to him..  'bet you didn't see that comin'

-he was going to become a catholic priest at one point in his life..  ended up a humor columnist...

-and we all know who gets the very last laugh..  -write.

anyway..  i thought to him..  i thought..  'i need a picture..'

and during my most recent decluttering project..  only days since that 'just have fun' experience..

what should i find..

and then i reread the profile i wrote in the college newspaper.. 

and re-read one of my favorite ray orrock stories; fear of spying..

and was laughing up a storm again..

then re-read some more of my own humor columns from my college days..  and laughed out loud at my own work..

/against the rules ive been told..

but, you know what..  if i was funny at all..  its because i read so much of you.

and now I'm going to send these pictures to the share site your family has so lovingly created..

and keep this picture on my wall

to remember:

being a good spy is serious;

~writing about being a terrible and forgetful spy..  -that's fun!

i shall have some fun!


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