Saturday, July 04, 2015

"Does Great Britain have a 4th of July?" asked (mr crist!)

i loved him; love him still..   also, somewhere up there in heaven..

Mr jerry crist..  My 4th grade.. and then 5th grade...  and would have been 6th grade teacher..  only they said in order to prepare me better for Jr high.. I should not have the same teacher 3 years in a row..

/even though I thrived under his teaching, and struggled under the other..

-this does not factor in apparently.. but ..  Let me not get lost there..

& instead enjoy the memory. 4th grade I think it was..

and he taught us all about why we celebrated the 4th of July.. Which to us had nothing to do with wars or history or america..  And everything to do with  "no school!". And " fireworks!"

anyway.. after he taught the lesson he said,

"And so,  -does great britian have a 4th of July?"

and everyone one of us who was paying any attention..

3 out of 30.. or so,

We go, "nooooo!"

And then he said,  "yes they do!"

and we sat there all..  ?!?

"Who can tell me why?"


and then he said,   "well does Great Britain have a 3rd of July?  and a 5th of July?"

and I love him for many, many reasons..  but that was one.

"heres to you Mr crist!  I still remember... "


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