Monday, July 06, 2015

Embarrassing moment 7962 for (me!) sandra, tvgp

i'm not embarrassed about my dancing; per se. i do try to contain myself inside the store if there are any people shopping..

i will sometimes dance a little bit if a great song comes on Pandora and the store is empty..  but im very tame. very tame.

i really do save it for, as my mom might describe, 'the appropriate time & place'

-and all us locals know.. that = Barones, music under the stars..

and I never feel embarrassed there..  you're supposed to get a little crazy when the band plays your favorite song..

besides, there's like 100's of people doing there own thing on the dance floor so you just kind of blend in..

my embarrassing moment is embarrassing exactly because there was no group of crazy people to blend in with..

it was just me.   -and if it was really, really just me.. that wouldn't be embarrassing either..

but it is exactly because there was 1 other person ...  besides me..   and not inside the store, just kind of passing by..

and my favorite dance song came on in the store.

and the store was empty!  -it was empty.. 

and I was just putting a couple things out front on the sidewalk.. 

dancing in, dancing out..

and have i not already mentioned uptown funk is the hottest dance song of this year!

and.. it brings out some new moves in me sometimes..  like I don't even know what I'm about to do..  all the sudden my hips will just start going one way, and my feet start side-steppin, and my hands will suddenly shoot up in the air.. 

its all to the beat, I promise you..  it makes perfect sense if you hear the song and watch me dancing at the same time..

but the thing is..

"..oh. hi. Um. .you can't hear the song out here. [stepping just outside the front door/freeze] . see.  but I promise.. Inside the store [stepping partially back in/2 dance moves.] uptown funk is playing write now.. [step out/freeze]  you can only hear it from inside..  but its playing..  [Stepping in/2 more dance moves. Step back out; freeze].  See its just that we don't have music piped out front the way they do at raleys grocery store..
.. but come to think of it.. I've never heard dance music over there..

-I did try to explain...


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