Friday, July 31, 2015

"Happy 10 Year Blogging Anniversary!" to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Top Ten Reasons "i love my blog!"

1. its a living document.

in the search bar of this blog, if you enter, shady characters, this will provide an example of what i mean:  that is, i wrote my memories of being in a bank when it was robbed, and then because the story lives in the blogosphere, the best friend i mention, was able to write her memories in comments, and then! quite a time later, the ex-boyfriend i mention was able to add his memories.. Shady Characters is one of the greatest treasures in my blog; the way it captures how human memory does and does not work. and i love that my friends share straight from their heart; raw. it is not edited, polished for publication; it is very real.

2.  external memory storage.

there is so much ive blogged that i would never remember on my own.. but when you add a search bar to all the writing, this allows me, -if i can at least remember one key word,  -immediate access to experiences/memories in my life.

3. best vehicle for processing trauma. 

i was not successful processing my traumas in a traditional setting:  counselors office.  but have healed a great deal by writing about it: in my search bar, enter: he has a name.  -writing this helped me further process being the #2 victim of the lakeside serial rapist.

4. one-stop-shop for my creativity.

within my blog i have creative nonfiction short stories, poetry, humor pieces, political/social commentary, photographs from my "The Heart Seen" collection, and my "Ricky Picky" photo collection, comic strips, mag time frames, mixed media art, family recipes..  essentially, this one platform is my home for everything i think, write, create that i am inspired to share.

5. its fun!!

i have written professionally for newspapers and magazines, and have taught classes and workshops..but the more professional work i was doing, the less i wanted to write. when i switched, thank you to the blogosphere, from professional for money, to writing for pure pleasure.. well, as you can see, i have not stopped since..

6. personal evolution.

writing helps me to better see my own strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments, corrections along the way  -not to my grammar, punctuation, or spelling; but to my very character as a human being.

7. no editor!

and God bless editors, yes.. i used to be one, but.. not having an editor and being able to write freely; intuitively and spontaneously vs. according to some very outdated grammar/punctuation rules and regulations. this put the pleasure back in the process. i like to say, "read me for content not appearance"

8. imaginary conversations with important people.

-there are so many people i will never have the opportunity to meet and talk with in person and maybe if i did, i would be too nervous to get the questions out anyway, but i use my blog to document the conversations i would have; if i could..

9. do-overs:

in real life... we don't always get do-overs, but i also use my blog to create the do-overs as i would do them; if i could do them.

10. im creating what i wish my relatives had given me:

-my grandma harrison wrote 3 pages in a journal..  which i read with deep great interest and when i turned to page 4..  "that is it?!?!".  i was devastated really. there is so much i wish i knew about my family..  i wish all my aunts, uncles and grandparents, cousins, parents, siblings...  quite frankly i wish everyone kept a journal. i'd be reading them write now.

so, i am admittingly over-compensating for all my family members who do a lot of talking...   but where do the conversations go?

last thing i want to point out is, that it is only because of the blogosphere that ive done so much writing.  these same stories would not exist if i was still long hand journaling in 3 ring binders..

" thank you!" to the geniuses who created this platform.

i was born for such a time as this! 

and consider this anniversary a completely legitimate reason to have some cake for breakfast... 


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