Monday, June 22, 2015

"...if you're sexy then flaunt it...". (catherine teeter!)

-she never did tell me what song she'd be dancing to..  but over coffee dates I would hear how classes were going..  asked her to get me better seats this year. "I want to see everything!  All the faces!"

last year.. I was up in the balcony..  extraordinary still for sure..

and it still lingers in me this year, how much I loved POMPEI from last year..  the choreography! music! costumes! lighting/stage!

and I learned from a customer who is a mom of one of the dancers.. Pompei was choreographed by someone named dino.. Alias. /phonetic, not sure how to spell.. 

and it went on to receive top awards in various competitions..

anyway..  another spectacular recital this year.. everything I've come to love and appreciate..  high level of talent/art/craft; wonderful variety; great music; costumes; props..

every age and skill level..   -and the order in which the numbers were performed..   -just write.  perfect blend of young & precious, to beautiful/elegant, to explosive, to classic to modern, etc.

-you were wonderful Natalie!  /daughter to my mom friend Catherine..

it is variety itself that I delight in the most...

and then!  -did I not just get done telling you in a prior post that the number one dance song of this year is uptown funk..

-how the only people at Barones that were not dancing when pride & joy played the first few notes -were either stuck in the bathroom or had no legs...   -how the song itself seems like it was custom-written for Mr Motown's moves..

well, that is the song my mom-friend, Catherine, and her dance team performed to..

and it was wonderful! I was wiggling in my seat..

all the moms up there: you did a great job! Sexy, radiant, alive...

cool number.

and every recital i end up getting teary eyed..  have learned to bring Kleenex and not wear mascara..

this year.. -a thousand years, choreographed by Kristina wiselogel.  -it was the musical version, no lyrics..  and the song itself is so beautiful..  and then the costumes were a perfect match.. and the dance moves.. the choreography... equal to the beauty of the song..

I could go on and on..

time and budget did not allow me to see all 4 shows this year, /although I would if I could...  I only saw the one Saturday morning, and that is thank you to Megan for covering my work shift..

But I heard.. in the evening performance, I would have loved 'blood stream'.  /I think its called..   By the same choreographer of Pompei.  
-maybe I'll have to order the DVD..

"Congratulations! Catherine! Natalie!   -Jazz n Taps!"

-another great experience for your audience!  "Encore!"


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