Saturday, June 20, 2015

When are you your very happiest? by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-for my daughter, its when she is at a sporting event with friends..  -having just experienced the warrior series and victory, I can clearly understand and appreciate that answer..

-for my son.. probably when he's playing baseball.. video games.. bike riding.. with friends.

-friends being a key ingredient of course.

-for me.. its anytime I'm in the same room with my kids and family..

and a very, very, very close 2nd place is:

and here [   write here.  ].  if I had my creative druthers..  There would just be a link to a 30 second video

of everyone dancing out doors on a perfect climate night at Barones with pride & joy performing this years hottest dance song: uptown funk.

-the only people who don't dance to this song are either stuck in the bathroom or have no legs..

there is part of me always conscious of the fact, everyone there is dealing with one major life stress or another.. some people juggling multiple stresses in their daily lives..

but for these few hours: 6-10pm.  everyone has cast their cares..

huge crowd of happy dancing slightly drunk people; smiles in every direction...  live music under the stars...

it casts a spell.

while I was dancing with Mr Motown, I had a flash forward vision of myself at what must have been around 90 years old.. 

"I could do this my whole life!". I told him    -and he said " me too!"


At 10:14 AM, Blogger SHE said...

I am aware no one under the age of 45 or so ever uses, and has probably not even ever heard of the word druthers..

the 21st colloquial equivalent?

way? ..'if I could have my creative way... '

-needs some salt...


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