Wednesday, June 17, 2015

VICTORY WARRIORS! /thanks to (me!) & (my sister!) #warriors @writeousmom #selfportrait

-now you know its because we had on our matching t-shirts and gave our complete undivided and highly enthusiastic attention to the game.  and what a game!!   i think, as a writer and as a poet.. as a lover of words, and sounds, and syllables, and with a sensitivity and appreciation for how two words can be paired together in such a way.. well, like wine and food..  or like lightscrapes titles and photographs; how the pairing elevates the status of each individual entity..    -when it comes to joining two words together and placing them side by side..   does anything sound more beautiful, i ask you, than:



and it makes me laugh to remember that not too long ago  /charlie rose vs. kay ryan..    if i landed at a sports bar for a bite to eat during a game, i would listen to the clapping, yelling, "yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" Or "no! No! NOooo!" with complete indifference and never even bother to glance up at the TV screen.  Just eat and think to myself, 'who are these crazy people?'

And now i am one of the crazy people.. and my sister too. and that was just 6 of the most intense, spectacular, exciting games of basketball anyone could hope to see..  "Awesome job Warriors! Thank you!"


we can't take ALL the credit though for their win..  every single one of our family members were watching.. mom, her husband, my dad and family, my brother and his family, my neighbors, my friends, and almost every customer i talk too..  "You following the warriors?".   " yes! and I'm sleeping in my T-shirt..".     -very, very, fun this being a crazy sports fan of a team that ultimately earned the World Champion title.   Rumor has it, that has happened for the Warriors since, like 1975..     I feel so bad we didn't jump in sooner to change their fate and destiny..  but better late than never; write.


in my self portrait poem I mention that i am..  well, as a matter of fact the very first line in my self portrait poem references a football and then basketball player.

i am rudy.  pistol pete.

-even though ive never played sports!  but it is because i saw the movies: Rudy.   -where the coach wished he could put rudy's heart inside his talented players...   and pistol pete, the birth of a legend..

if you were my family, friend, or wanted to be my boyfriend in the late 90's i think it was..  pistol pete was mandatory viewing

i loved it for its innocence; represents a simpler, less violent time..

-that is, the fight scene doesn't involve gangs and guns and blood..
-the marriage of pete's parents doesn't involve betrayal, or dysfunction.. they actually like each other, and they love their son; nurture his gifts and talents..

and the passion of pete's dad; as a coach.. so in to it; so enthusiastic, -with such an intellectual way of seeing the game..and never tiring of basketball as a topic.  one of my many favorite scenes is when he is sitting around the kitchen table with fellow coaches and the other coaches have fallen asleep, but there is press still thinking and talking about the game...

and the young pistol pete.. born to play the game and with the necessary passion.. and putting in his 10,000 hours...

and one of my favorite scenes with him is watching him bounce the basketball around the house while wearing a blindfold..

and then, i thought about this movie a lot during this entire NBA championship with the warriors.. 

-because there is a scene in pistol Pete, birth of a legend, where the young pete is on the court playing his game... and at one point he passes the basketball with great instinct and coy to...

-no one was there to RECEIVE his amazing stealth pass.

his dad, as coach and former player sees the skill level and instinct..    the other coach just sees a pass that went nowhere..

but when watching the warriors..  all those amazing, spontaneously choreographed, tricky, look-this-way-but-pass-that-way moves they had on the court..

the instincts were well matched..  beautiful!  fancy pass.. and someone with the instincts to RECEIVE.. 

at its highest level, thats all that's operating for each player; instinct alone.  -no one can think at the pace of the game because it moves too fast..   its his instinct responding to his Instinct responding to his instinct and SCORE!  a thrill to watch..

and so, no, I am not rudy in the sense that I am a football player.  and I am not a basketball super star..   but in my self portrait poem,

i am rudy. pistol pete.

-because i have heart, drive, determination
-passion! and i too, put in my 10,000 hours..  

as a matter of fact, I just typed this entire blog blind folded.   -writing is my sport, you see...


i am rudy. pistol pete.
but mostly fisher king
i am maya, pi & braddock
a giant redwood tree.
i am million dollar baby
but parry through and through
i am mother goose and gilbert
a me of many you's.
stella luna, owen meany
every child in silence screaming
i am every poet ever born
awake, but always dreaming.
i'm eleanor
i'm roosevelt
i'm jefferson on tuesday
rogers in a gypsy skirt
love everyone that moves me.
i'm seabiscuit
the shop girl
charlie rose
and sunday morning
i'm every artist ever born
creating without warning.
i'm every woman ever born
i'm blessed. i'm loved. i'm cursed.
but i am mostly fisher king;
here to quench your thirst.



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