Monday, June 15, 2015

Victory Warriors!! by (me! keeshie!) #warriors @writeousmom

i remind:  do not be fooled. when the warriors win it has only a small part to do with things as trivial as hard work, practice, dedication, coaching, strategizing, the opening line up and all that athletic real world stuff..

in the supernatural world; its all about the fans.

and that was a pretty close call last night, huh..   my sister and i had to juggle our schedules a little here and a little there.. and we were running behind..  like a good 20 to 30 minutes..

by the time we put on our matching, hand-customized warrior t-shirts and made our way to the big screens at the hopyard..

well, when we sat down the warriors were "2 points behind?!?!"

so we apologized to everyone for being a little late,   -and we were immediately forgiven

because everyone knew now that we showed up and added our two spirits to the fan base...

the warriors were sure to win..  "And they did!!"

-what a game, what a game...  


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