Saturday, June 13, 2015

The MOST proud mom.. (Me!) ~writeousmom

there have been many occasions when i might mention how much i hate cleaning around the house.. and inevitably someone will say like, "oh, everyone hates cleaning."

but what i know..   is that if there was a way to hook up some device which measures the internal levels of hates-house-cleaning inside a human being..

i would win.  i know everyone hates it. -but i hate it more than you and you and you and you.

i hate it -the most.

in this same way..  i know every single parent at the graduation ceremony last night was very proud of their graduating senior. 

-but if we did have a way to hook up a device that measured the internal intensity level and show on a graph just exactly who was the most proud parent out of the entire population of parents who attended

it would be (me!).

"Congratulations My Love!".    -and God's blessings with you on your next adventure....

In Jesus Name,   ~amen.


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