Monday, June 29, 2015

The Heart(s) Seen.. and i can explain.. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

Mom: "my goodness.. what is this mess on the floor?  -what on earth is this?"

(me!):  "oh..  that..   did i forget to clean that up?"

Mom:  "yes. But honey what is this..?"

(me!):  "oh.. -that's oven cleaner."

Mom: "are you serious? what is oven cleaner doing all over the floor.. its for the oven..  "

(me!):  "i had to use it as spider killer spray...   "

Mom: "You are not serious...."

My sister: "oh.. I'm pretty sure she's serious.."

(me!):  "only it didn't kill 'em..  so I had to drown 'em..  "

Mom: "i can't believe..

my sister: " I can."

(me!): "and then I couldn't seem to drown him either..  So I dropped matt's book on top.."

Matt: "that's the first time my geography book has been of any use.."

(me!):  "I didn't realize I forgot to clean it up.."

Mom:  [cleaning area with paper towel..]

My sister (?)..  "look..  there's a shape of a heart.."

(me!): "I don't have my camera.. "

Mom: "well, I can take it for you..   that is a heart isn't it..  I can't believe..."

sister: "I can."


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