Monday, June 29, 2015

The Alameda County Fair 2015.. (anne!) & (me!)

* i went as a child with my brother and sister; mom..

* i went as a teenager with friends..

* i went as a young single on a date.. 

* i went married..  i went divorced..   

* i went married, bringing my two children to the little kids rides..

* and then bringing my growing kids to the big kids rides..

* and then just dropping my teen kids off; and picking them up..

* and now they drive themselves..

and for every *  i have some treasured memories and pictures..

the last couple times I've been to the fair has been with Anne.. and we don't do rides.. we just walk around and visit the exhibit halls..

agriculture, art, hobbies..    -we share a love of art, photography, etc. so makes it more fun..

and this year we stayed to hear the beach boys concert and split a funnel cake..

I had just seen love & mercy at the vine, so it of course increased my interest and appreciation..

and im very hopeful..  God will allow me to continue:

and one day..

* bring my grandchildren to the little kids side..

-for this i sure do pray...   ~amen.


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