Saturday, June 20, 2015

speaking of casting a spell! meet (tia!)

tia is short for Tijuana.  she is from mexico..   and the entire neighborhood has fallen in love at first sight.  -arguing over who gets to puppy-sit when the owners go anywhere..    and creating excuses for the owners to go somewhere...  

rumor has it that our neighbor john.. he literally waits for their garage door to open.. then he casually (runs) over,  "going somewhere? need me to watch tia for you?"

I understand entirely because when john was puppy sitting one day he called me over, "come look at this.."

"I'm running late for work,..."

"No.. take a just minute, -come see.."

and so I crossed the street and my eyes landed on what has to be the cutest puppy on planet earth..

and then she let me pet her, and leaned into me..  and looked at me all super sweet...    and I could literally feel my insides going weak under her super powers of charm, cuteness, charisma..

I took several pictures.. and under her spell.. I not only forgot I was running late for work; I forgot I even have a job...

and then something woke me up.. and I realized I had to get to work..

And when I started back across the street to my car..

she started whining for me... the sweetest little melodic squeeky whimper you ever did hear...  

God I wish I was retired.  I'd be hanging out with tia write now...


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