Thursday, June 18, 2015

Public "Thank You!" To (Rick Hirshberg!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

-have you ever borrowed someone's child so you could look and seem legit when you went to see a Disney movie?

I am a little suspicious here, that for our recent ricks picks staff party..  that when it comes to venue..  -the entire night was based around our awesome owner/buyer/boss' secret burning desire to hit the go kart racing tracks in Livermore.  I'm projecting here, yes.. but I imagine him hearing about it..   and then..

casually dropping the idea on his wife and grown daughter.  -no luck there.   -would it be safe to mention to his golfing buddies?  

I mean, like how does a grown man who does not have a young child who might say, have a birthday party, or be invited to a birthday party.. 

and who would not go alone...

how does such a man get himself, legitimately, to the umigo race tracks?

his attempt last year failed.  who wants to drive even more, after driving to and from work?

And so he surrendered, and we went bowling instead.

but.. that kind of desire:

go karts! racing! skidding! speeding!    -that kind of desire does not just subside; it increases..

and so he put the idea out there again..  and I think we all telepathically agreed we should give it a go...   /kart.

and I've mentioned before what a small miracle to get everyone together on the same night for anything..  so just say "Thank you!" Jesus and Rick and everyone, that, save 1 person.. 

everyone made it.

and it was worth whatever price he paid just to see the expression and excitement on ricks face..

..and we all received, as part of the package, helmets.  but there was only one person among us who..

" brought your own racing gloves?.."

Yes..  this is write about when I knew for sure, that all of us employees, and this whole team building, and thank you for your hard work, staff get together thing was really just a very cleverly designed event which would land Rick on the race track..


and we can't thank him enough because for the other 4 out of 6 of us.. this ended up to be quite a bit of unexpected fun..

2 gave it go for one race and opted out of race 2 or 3.

1 enjoyed one race.. and two..  but was 'already over it' by race three.

1 "PR'd"..   /as they say in track n' field..

and a fun competition for the rest of us..   

the rest of us, by the way..   Women drivers.  Rick is the only male.

/and the only one who brought race gloves..  

Anyway..  I glimpsed a fast passing view of the friendly competition taking place between rick and Patricia..   and got lapped by Megan..

But I just kept reminding myself to run my own race..   My goal was to,

1. Do it.
2. Improve my time each race.
3. Stay alive to tell this story.

I succeeded across the board! I think my time.. which I did not document, but think it went from something like, 44, to 39 to 37.-ish.

I was repeating the same mantra to myself as I have repeated to my children:

" SAFETY first. THRILL SEEKING second."

when I would get lapped..  definitely my impulse was to speed up and pass them up..  Like, 'oh yeah..  watch this!'

and then I would gun it a little...  and then I would skid almost out of control around a tight corner..  and I would say to myself.. Like, don't let them bait you into a 4 car crash or a trip up and over the tire wall...

the desire was there..  to win!  -just not the skill level.

but I loved it!  I've mentioned before how my little Saturn hybrid.. You can floor that thing and it still only goes like, 12 mph faster..

and even though the go karts top speed is ,45mph..   relatively speaking.. the size kart, to size and shape of the race track..

makes it feel like you are driving much faster..

very. VERY! FUN!


we followed that up with a pizza party outdoors in Livermore at that pizza parlor place that has a random X in its name near the bankhead theatre..

-which gave me a legitimate excuse for bringing up the fact that "my theatre debut was write there.. at the bankhead.. when I performed in the vagina monologues... and we sold out every night and helped raise $30,000 for the tri valley haven.."

-very proud of that!

and then.. Tatiana asked if I remembered my lines...

and so I politely changed the subject..

I mean on stage where people have bought tickets and paid to see.. Where people have some idea about what's coming their way..


but.. at an employee staff pizza party.. with my boss to my write..

I'm not about to bust into my 'clitoris has 800,000 nerve fibers routine..'

But I will personally treasure it -forever!


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"Thank You!"    I've never had a job ive loved more; never had people I've loved working more for or with...     You're the best!


At 6:24 PM, Blogger SHE said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute.. Correction: actually Anne informed me there was a bin at umigo with gloves. -I thought rick brought his very own.. So,

-he was the only one to wear racing gloves..

and I still treasure the expression on his face as he put them on...

Very nascaresque..


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