Monday, June 29, 2015

On my mind.. On my mind.. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

i have had absolutely no success getting Eric kandler on the phone.. and then I saw this interview, where my charlie rose was talking to Brian grazer.. and so I was like.. I wonder if I could get brain grazer on the phone and HE could get Eric kandler on the phone..  but no luck making contact with Brian grazer either..

thank God for blogs, huh..


I'm as interested in human memory storage as any lay-person neuro~fascinated type is..

and you've seen how they poke around in the brain.. And touch with a tool.. 'This is the area where language resides..' Etc.

and.. I am just so curious.. 

there was a memory.  I had a memory.  But didn't RE-member until I saw a picture.   the picture works like a super strong magnet where the memory is steel./or vice versa, .   it pulls/attracts the memory front and center of consciousness quicker than you can blink..

so my curiosity is: geographically speaking: where was the memory stored? dormant in my brain...  and then, when I see a picture.. And the memory is front and center..  where is it?    -and what path did it travel? And..  can we name the speed?   -at the speed of thought..


This ones for the A.I team at M.I.T:

It is quite fascinating, isn't it, just how much our human brains are like computers..

now, I'd like for each of you to take the calculator I've just handed you and press in


that's it.  and now I know, you being M.I.T. students and all, that  that is like way too easy; very simple addition..

but my question is not  -what does that equal..

my question is:  is the calculator  -waiting-  for you to enter more information? longing to provide the answer..

waiting anxiously..  waiting patiently... 

-now,  -with the pre-requisite of reading the memory storage curiosity above and having your calculators in front of you:

once you press =

the answer appears as quickly as a memory appears when you see an associated picture.. 

seeing a picture is like pressing = on a calculator after entering a simple addition equation..  

In a calculator..  geographically speaking.. 

Where is the 25?  Before you punch in


-where is it after?

-what path did it travel?


all we can be sure of..  Is ALL of the Information is pre-stored.. Preprogrammed.. to operate the way it does..

the brain, with event + picture = memory
the calculator, with 11+14 = 25...

-write..      I'm going to patiently ~await your feedback..

IJN,  ~amen!


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