Friday, June 12, 2015

like i said "VICTORY WARRIORS!" -thursday.

..and nor should anyone take responsibility for setbacks and then not take proper credit for victories...  -write.

what happen here was:  i was originally scheduled to be on the dance floor, drink in hand, applauding the live band..  but a last minute change landed me instead

-in a recliner and in front of a TV where I could give my full and almost undivided attention to helping the "WARRIORS! WIN"

very clearly i told them: "take the lead. double the lead. And WIN!"

and i chanted "44" ...and before you know it, they had 44 on the score board.. and then i wanted that doubled, so i chanted, "88!" -and before you know it, they had 88 on the board.

-and the extra ...  /oh, what's the math here? 103-88....

that was all a bonus.    Way to go WARRIORS!



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