Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let it be known: " I LOVE JOYCE MEYER!" -(me!) sandra, tvgp

often, if someone pays with a credit card at the store, they simultaneously flash their I.D.

"Oh!" I said with a big smile, "St. Louis! -that's where my Joyce Meyer is from..."

-their lack of matched enthusiasm, and facial expressions revealed that perhaps they did not share my love...

"we don't understand why anyone would give their money...  How she takes money from people who don't even have money.."

-not verbatim; but the sentiment is correct.

And they told me how they live so close that they could go walk over and knock on her door.

I said, "well do me a favor, and go knock on her door and tell her she has had a huge and positive impact on my life!"

and I must have mentioned three times, "I am a student for life!"


and they don't realize this.. But in fact!  they are direct beneficiaries of the positive impact Joyce Meyer has had on my life


Because prior to watching Joyce Meyer 5 days a week for who knows how many years..

When I learned they didn't love her.. If I didnt feel she was receiving the proper amount of respect due..

they might have discovered a few items missing from their bag..  And maybe a few falling out because of that accidental rip..

and maybe..  well, one tire on their car might be suspiciously lower than the others..

but! -no more!  I did not overcharge them, or tear a tiny hole in their bag, or puncture one of their tires...

"See!".    It works! -all this Christian mombo~jombo...

Anyway..  I can't credit her enough, Joyce Meyer, for helping me achieve exactly what she promises in the very name of her TV ministry show:  ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE.

-plenty of evidence for this on my blog here.. 

and if you consider my past..  

Well, I'm not even going to detail out.. Or mention.  I'm going to just bullet point.   -and now, when I say  -just bullet point.  I mean that in its most literal sense.  I'm not going to even provide text/description. Just a bullet point for every trauma, former addiction, neuroses, etc.    -emphasis on FORMER.  It looks like this:



and most people tell me, that when you meet me today.. all happy, healthy, kind  -despite current circumstances..

that you can't tell that I've been through all that.

-beauty for ashes.

and I have so many people to thank..  Many, many people..

But in the top 5 of all those people:

Joyce Meyer.

-and poor people do send her their last dime.  and the ministry itself brings in big amounts of money..  True.

but someone needs to provide some bullet points like this:

*  (#) of conferences per year.
* (#) of dream centers opened, helping (#) of people
* (#) of countries traveled to, (#) of people helped..
* (#) books written, (#) people helped..

etc.    -and if ever there was a ministry and person worthy of donations...

How many people have you helped?

when you spend your money or donate your money..  It is on what? For who?


I've experienced a lot of trauma..  one time I went to a counselor here in pleasanton on peters avenue.

when I tried to talk, all the traumas created a traffic jam in my brain and no words would come out

"If you can't talk.. Leave.  There are plenty of people with insurance who can take that seat.."

-not verbatim; sentiment.

and so I left..  And never went back...

when it comes to finding actual, practical, real life help..  Tangible results manifesting in my day to day life:

Joyce Meyer.

So, "thank you Jesus!" And "amen!". 


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