Wednesday, June 10, 2015

K. VICTORY for the WARRIORS thursday then.. says (me!) sandra, tvgp

i cannot take credit for their BIG WINS without also accepting responsibility for their minor setbacks. i owe everyone an apology again.. what happen this time is.. i was with my family celebrating my daughters 18th bday.  -and! it was at a local pizza parlor where there were big screen TV's televising the game..

/what a coincidence that was..

anyway.. every time I found myself watching the game, the opposition would score you see..

and every time I stared at my daughter.. and said silent thank you prayers for what a beautiful human being..  and looked around at my family with gratitude.. -that's when the Warriors would score..

so the spiritual lesson today team is: when you pay attention to the write people, "YOU WIN!"

I can therefore  /their four...   /they're for

guarantee Thursdays nights victory because I will be on the dance floor paying attention to the live band. 

"Go Warriors!   Tie it up!".     ~amen.


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