Thursday, June 18, 2015

introducing (jamie! & rico! dabby! casey! bunny!)

one of the great pleasures of working in a dog~friendly store is getting to meet people..  who love dogs.

like, Jamie here... she is featured in San Francisco magazine this month, among, Oakland's Bravest.  -she is an Oakland firefighter 21 years..   Noble service, and then look here..  you see her heart is not only brave but very big:

from different shelters she has adopted not one,

Not two,

not three,

But FOUR dachshunds.   -and not 4 cute dachshund puppies.. But 4 seniors, each with their own unique traumatic histories which landed them in shelters.  -allow me to introduce, by wing color..

Dabby. Silver wings. 15 years old.
and Casey. Flames. 10 years old.
Bunny. Pink. 18! Years old..  and our local, custom~cookie, celebrated rescued dog:

Rico.   Whose tongue is permanently dangling out to the side.. and whose charm is only increased by a very slow limp, limp, waddle, spontaneous scurry to try and catch up, then limp, hop, limp waddle..

their brave & big hearted owner.. she stopped by yesterday and brought us some 'Rico cookies'

apparently the owner/baker at prim rose bakery, down the street and around the corner from us..   was inspired by Rico's story and iconic appearance to create "the Rico"

file this under:  I live in a very cool town.  with very cool people! and way cute dogs...


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