Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Value of a family video.. to (me!) sandra, tvgp

more valuable than...  anything! I mean take my home, clothes, food.. 

-leave me on a park bench..   but if I could just have access to family photos and videos and the drawings and writings my children have done over the years..

I just rewatched one of my all time, all time! favorites..  and what series of events led me to finding and rewatching..  as it was not on my agenda at all to do so..  I promise you, it was the saints again.. I know it.

I know it because back to back hard news was starting to..

and so, next thing you know I'm watching this family video from 1999 and smiling so big.. And then laughing so hard..

hard, deep laughter.. where tears fall..  

if ever there was some family video worthy of sharing with the whole wide world!  I do not write now know how to go about getting this on YouTube or my blog..  But the very second I do..

you can't miss it..  you have to see it...   the highlights for me, and you are welcome to fast forward.. But the highlights..

1. it should be called 'the worlds longest Christmas card'.  -my daughter is 2 1/2 years old.. It is Christmas morning.. I am 4 days shy of giving birth to her younger brother.. house is filled with family sitting around the Christmas tree, opening presents, visiting, etc.

and at some point TaRyN takes center stage and starts reading a Christmas card.  only, as I mentioned, she is 2 1/2 years old.  -she can't, like, actually read.. but you sure would never know it..

-until you notice maybe that the card is sometimes write side up, and sometimes upside down...

-and you can glance and see that there are probably 10 words at most inside the card itself..

but she is standing there with the card in hand, reading like nobody's business..

"and to my mom, and my dad, and to my grandpa and to my grandma and to my rob and to my Keesh..

and to all my brodders and sistors.. 

and to your helf..   (health).

and to my whole fam~i~ly.    -this all gets a good laugh and so repeat, repeat, repeat..

when she starts losing her audience she gets very animated..

waving her hand to each group of family, left, write and center:

" listen! listen! Listen!  Ev~eDY~body... "

and then she reads some more...

and some more..

and a little more after that.   as she starts losing her audience again.. she decides to add some attention-grabbing flair..

"and to all my brodders and sistors.. and to your helf..  and to my pajamas.. And to my bottom hurts.."

-anything for a laugh.. 


and!  better still!   her trumpet performance with her dad!  Oh.. Praise God!  this is the part that just sends me into one every time..

it is because..  Because..

I can barely type this I get to laughing..

  -from very early on TaRyN imitated the patterns of speech and conversation way before she incorporated the actual words..

she mimicked sounds and patterns..  

if you wonder what I mean, this brief little magical Christmas musical will explain everything..

her dad has a flute..   He plays a couple random notes.. then he, in the voice and tone of a band leader, says something like..

"wind section done..  now the brass section.. Hit it.. Your turn!"

and then TaRyN makes at least one noise come out of her plastic kid trumpet..  and..   then.. sense she has no idea what her dad actually said, but got the pitch and pattern, she utterly takes on all the body language and animation of a famous conductor and goes, like.. 

"Batada..   Ratbudad... Blahbeba...  batada!   YOUR TURN!"

and then her dad makes a couple noises come out of his..  flute or kazoo or whatever it is..

and she takes it away from there..  does the whole thing again..

"Batada, rpadata, matadyaba!   MY TURN!"

and then follows all her animated conducter-speak and waving of hands and giant incomprehensible introduction to her bass section with..

a short little,  barely audible whisper of a noise from her plastic trumpet.

they go back n forth a couple times.. And I am laughing so hard I can barely record it..

but when it comes to true treasures...  

I'd trade the Mona Lisa and any equivalent   -there is no material thing.. No value that can be placed.. nothing as precious.. 

as my family videos.


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