Wednesday, May 06, 2015

thoughts on time travel.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

now I'm fresh off.. in the middle of.. Watching a taped recording of through the worm hole with Morgan freeman..

-which, by the ironic way, allows me to watch. Stop. Rewind. And fast forward a program already created and watch it in the

Or pause. Use the rest room.. Grab a bite in the kitchen.. Return and watch some more.

-the point is.. we are already time traveling all the time!  we just don't identify it that way..  But the opposite of time travel, if you

everything/everyone only conscious of; living in the spontaneity of the perpetual now to the exclusion of any past or future moment.

but in viewing taped television I am simultaneously now visiting past experiences    -so they are in the twice past... 


tomorrow I will rewatch the whole thing to capture one great line.. Something like,

How the future   -which already exists..  Is therefore dictating the very decisions you are making write now..   which makes our decision making all jus an illusion..

while I don't buy entirely Into that..  A wonderful analogy came to mind to support it:

let's say Oprah schedules a guest for an interview in the future.

I.e.,  anne lamott for December.  And it is now may.

That IS a form of future time travel.   Since Anne is on the calendar for a given day..

every decision thereafter is based around that forgiven conclusion.

By the time Anne's interview occurs in live time in December; it will in fact be true that this future event dictated itself...  and any decisions/experiences prior to, were in line with... and contributing toward
this moment.  the future very influenced by the past.


it is good to consider the opposite of time travel.. In the opposite of time travel you do not schedule anything in a future date.. In the opposite of time travel you only exist in the now.

in the opposite of time travel there is no past or future.

in the opposite of time travel you have no memories and no hope.

-these 3 categories: past, present, future; they do all exist; ~all the time.

I'm grateful for this program and the inspired opportunity to re-perceive how we currently think of time.

-the same way I know we are spirits inside human containers; is the same way I know the future IS knowable..

-my own personal out of body experience allowed me complete knowledge of a (me!) Separate from my physical body.  That experience is so cemented in my memory experience that I don't even need confirmation from anyone; and I easily ignore nay sayers because I know what I know...

-same, with future being knowable..  My own personal experience..  Having words come out of my mouth "I wonder what its like when a hummingbird dies?".  -and then one or so days after, having a hummingbird come slowly hover around us and then die..

equally cemented in my memory experience.  -the only explanation is that the future was predictable..

And I have had a number of premonitions in dreams..  

so!  either the future is knowable.. Or, ...  What?   my question for a long time now, is not 'is the future knowable?'.   I believe it is.  MY question is..

how FAR into the future?

my other time travel analogy is..  the experience of typing on a slow word processor..

the majority of people who have had their hands on computer have had the experience of typing a word on the keyboard...

And then waiting a second or two before the letter shows up on the screen in front of you..

You did already type it.   Now you just wait to see it..

so.. The time from typing a letter to seeing it appear.. This can be tampered, manipulated significantly to drive the point home.


I remain irritated by any/all of these shows where they show only people/events going in reverse to demonstrate going 'back in time'

for anything/anyone to go back in time.. ALL must go back together..

that is; the planet itself would need to rotate in reverse..  and the fly on the wall.. And the flush of the toilet..

I'm curious how they represent one person going back and forth while everything around him or her remains on Pacific, or eastern or western or mountain time..

They start from the premise that people/events are each entirely separate..

maybe its just another lack of vocabulary problem ...

By time; what do you mean..exactly?


I sometimes consider.. The saying, 'travel through time'.  And wonder if there is any truth..

Our perception is that time is ongoing.. And we are born, live, die within motion also..

but I wonder if time maybe really does stand still; and we move through it?


lastly..a  Revisit on my thoughts regarding how we, humans, perceive time as going by fast or slow..

in order for us to determine a slow car from a car going faster.. We need two cars.. We need something to compare it too..

in our conscious awareness of time; the feeling of an hour going by like 5 minutes; or an hour feeling like a whole day..

to what is it being compared?  If time has its own speed; like light has a speed..

then when our conscious awareness is going the same speed or faster...  or when it is behind...

That's what I think is going on..  And when we 'lose track of time' its because we are traveling at the same speed...


I don't know, I just like to think about it..


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