Monday, May 18, 2015

The real gift... to (me!) sandra, tvgp

first: a public thank you to Mr Motown.. my long time dance partner friend.. gifted me with some Jesus jewelry and this book..   I love all things Jesus, so thank you..  And! without realizing it.. well, I know that you know I like to write..

and so, the 642 book was based on that knowledge.. But the real gift you gave me was.. The realization that I graduated past needing writing prompts a long time ago.   In august I will have been blogging for TEN YEARS!  -thousands of posts..    And I'm not sure exactly when it happened because earlier in my writing life I did want and need prompts..   but that has not been the case in a very long time..

prompts ...   At the risk of sounding ungrateful for the gift which I am not..  but I do regard them as necessary for beginners..  and a sign of growth and progress is the lack of that need..

it applies in many areas of life I believe..  Including sex.  -yes it comes to mind for me..  when I learn someone needs a prompt.. An outside stimulus of some sort..    -need a porn to get you going?  -novice.   /she says with a smile..

for writing, for sex, mixed media art...I need no prompts..   but for math and cooking..

I need prompts, books, videos, tutor, extra inspiration, help..  I need a very, very high incentive..

Or what I really need is..  An accountant and restaurants..


count down to music under the stars: 4 days...


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