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Public "Thank You!" to Saint... ? from (me!) sandra, tvgp

i can never remember which saint it is that helps us find lost things..

so then i have to pray to the saint that helps us remember saints names..

but obviously.. can't remember that saints name either.. So, I just trust they understand and don't take it too, you know, -personal.

and i have proof here, they don't..

if you are a secularist, you won't get this..  if you are a spiritualist, you'll be smiling before i even arrive at  "found!"


lost: the mysteries of pittsburgh, by michael chabon.   -no big deal if it was MY book, but it is a LIBRARY book, due...    well, lets just say its over-due.  

i searched the house, i searched my car, i searched the laundry basket, i searched at my work..  i searched under couches, above the refrigerator, below the sink... 

it felt like i searched every possible place the book could be; and several places it would be impossible for the book to be, but that didn't stop me from looking..

if you are a "have-ist" when it comes to money, -you won't get this...but if you are a have-not-ist..  you are smiling already because

"Oh my God.. how much is the fine for a lost book?!?".   and in my mind i was already figuring out..  K, minus this, shift that, skip one meal, less gas in car... maybe walk...

/and may i confess here.. you will still find me on the dance floor at music under the stars with a drink in my hand.. because i have my financial priorities in order!

anyway..  maybe it was stolen.. i mean, i do remember putting it in the front seat..   where after that?  maybe i left my door unlocked, and window cracked open a little..  

you've all heard of the book thief.. -write.

obviously it was nowhere in the house or at my work..  "They don't evaporate! Books do not evaporate..where is the Frickin thing?!...  "

so that's write about when it occurred to me to do what has successfully helped me find who knows how many lost/misplaced items over the years..    -pray to the saint!

i pause. i close my eyes.  "dear saint... christopher?   michael?

no, ..patrick?   -no, you are the pets and animals saint.. or traveling..

oh my God, please forgive me..  saint of forgotten saint names of the saints who help with lost things

-you know who I need!   in Jesus name, amen"

now..  pay close attention to the creative choreography here.   -secularists have a very boring interpretation of these events..but spiritualists see the dance...

first we have my great affection (euphemism for celebrity crush) for russell crowe.

what does he have to do with my lost library book?  -check it out:

because i have great affection for russell crowe, and i was a tiny bit down in spirits one day last week, i took myself to go see the water diviner. 

it is very fair here to ask how it is that i cannot afford to fill up my gas tank, but can afford to take myself to the movies..

once again, the 'have-ists' will never get it.. the 'have-not-its' totally understand.  when we budget..  it is very creatively.   80% goes to taking care of the absolutely mandatory: keeping the lights on.. the car running   -for the day; that sort of thing..  and then the other 70% percent goes to enjoying life..   because tomorrow is not promised and if we stayed home, -saving, saving, saving,  by the time we accumulated any amount of significance, our whole life will have passed us by...

so, we may not be too smart when it comes to money or numbers..but we are highly intelligent when it comes to enjoying life!

-see that poor mom on welfare getting her nails and hair done...


anyway..  i took myself to the movies.. and oh! you should have seen my face when my russell crowe came riding up to (me!) on a white horse..  please.  and when he took his little outside shower..

please.    -i would have paid double and skipped the popcorn.. is very important you realize that i was not so utterly lost in fantasies of russell crowe that the larger history lesson and significance of the water diviner was lost on me..  i got it!  the sexy australian farmer..the horrific war..the human toll...the lost sons.. the search...   K. I got it.  and the beauty of the scenery, the cultures, the geography..  beautifully narrated.. a rare, slow, unfolding..

little choppy here and there, but they were covering so much; you have to; i understand..

anyway... the entire reason i went to see the water diviner, was not to see russell crowe at all!  actually

the entire reason i saw the water diviner was to help me find the mysteries of pittsburgh!

i promise you the mysteries of pittsburgh has nothing on the mysteries of the saints..

the day after i saw the water diviner i was at work and a beautiful woman was at the counter purchasing some cool things, and as we talked a bit, i inquired about her lovely accent..


so,  ive already explained in several prior posts how our minds work:   hyperlinks in the brain!

write away i was like.. "i just saw the water diviner!".  And she was not familiar and asked me to tell her about it..

I went to tell her about it..  -very fresh in my mind..  and **that thing happened. So, i pulled it up on the computer, and turned the monitor around so she could see the images and read the synopsis herself.   -she smiled quite big.   " yes, I know about this.." And she went on to share about what it was like.. She had visited the very place..

and im certain she will be seeing the water diviner very soon..

Now, what does that have to do with finding my lost library book?

-the saints have me write where they want me..  Because..

the next day after that, when i got a reminder notice about the overdue book..and have surrendered to the fact the book was lost or stolen..

when i was coming up with creative alternatives to paying a fine..

like,  -isn't this author local? maybe ren man knows him.. he knows a bunch of authors.. maybe i can get an autographed replacement! -that would put me back in the good graces of the library now wouldn't it..

and the saints just smiled.  and one must have winked.

Because the next day after that... i was getting all super frustrated with

**that thing that happens!

**that thing that happens, is this:  i read a book, or watch a movie. i get it. fully. i understand, comprehend, totally appreciate, -all of that. the information IS IN ME.  

-it just can't get out!!   it is the most frustrating thing EVER!

the only other time I've ever heard it described is when I saw.. Gibby(?)  -the politician who was shot in the head.. And survived!!

it happens to her too!  -so im completely convinced it is brain trauma related..

but -my go-around, in times of frustration and need, is to just find a way to show whatever it is I'm trying to synopsis on the internet..

'..there; you read it..


and this very morning, that i am typing write now.. i wanted to blog about **that stupid thing that happens!

and i wanted to take a picture that could help explain.  and ive done it before but wanted a new one.

it is a picture of a clear glass with water in it.  /half full of course.

and has a straw.  only the straw has a knot.

'That's what it feels like!"

-the information IS in there; IS in me; AND! IS crystal clear.

I can know it, see it, taste it; internally.  but it won't Frickin cross my lips!!

I'm convinced there is a knot in there...

-so, the saints sent me to the cupboard for a clear glass..

and then to the sink to fill it half full with water...

and then to the drawer for a straw..

No straws?! i looked in every drawer in the kitchen.. no straw, no straw, no straw..

and the same way i started looking in both places that made sense and places that made no sense at all when i was hunting for the library book..

i started looking in places that made no sense to find a straw.

and you can easily say your very own 'low & behold' write here..

because third drawer down in my nieces arts and crafts organizer..

"the mysteries of pittsburgh!"

so, as it turns out, you do not even have to know the correct  name of which saint does what in order for them to choreograph on your behalf.

mercy defined.

so, i am now on page 23 of my

'i once was lost, -but now am found'  recently renewed library book.

"Thank You Saint... Whoever you are!"

In Jesus Name




At 1:53 PM, Blogger SHE said...

politician = Gabrielle Gifford's. Warrior woman!

saint of lost items = Saint Anthony.

Ren Man = Jim Ott


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