Thursday, May 07, 2015

Public "Thank You!" To Bishop T.D. Jakes from (me!) sandra, tvgp

"Thank you!".   specifically for your message on 'when God says no.'

One thing that has troubled me for some time now, when reading/watching different Christian leaders is this.. 

false sense of hope that is shared with the masses, which leads people to believe that if they just believe deeply enough; pray correctly etc.   -that this will Influence the life or death of a loved one dying from cancer, for example.

So that.. When the loved one lives; they credit praying correctly; or truly believing

And when the loved one dies.. Anyway.. They are left wondering whether they didn't pray enough, or correctly, or truly believe..

that is a terrible weight and responsibility to place on an already hurting, confused, vulnerable and mere human being.

rather.. what I have learned is that prayer.. And love.. can provide strength..  strength to endure the battle; strength to celebrate victories.. strength to endure pain of loss when it happens.

the distinction for Christians.. Is FAITH in all circumstances.. And TRUST in God..   through and simultaneous to suffering..

so I like another sermon you gave also, when you said,

"If you lose your job; keep the faith...

if you lose your house; keep the faith..

If you have to bury a child; keep the faith.."

-because this at least speaks to the realities of many Christians..

authentic believers... who pray sincerely, etc.


when you understand and believe God is in control.. And believe that ALL things can be used for good for those who believe and are called to Gods purpose..

-then that is what you manifest and see.. 

example.   a parents child dies of cancer.

there is great grief and suffering.  

the parents share what they have learned, start a fundraiser, raise money for research.. and in the future a great deal is learned and applied, many lives are saved as a result..  /forgive me for being so bullet-pointish..

the parents experience a 'peace' that surpasses human understanding..    /I can attest to this peace, I've lived it..

they transcend their own pain and suffering and become of service to others.




a parents child dies of cancer.

there is great pain and suffering.

They fight.  They drink. They try to anesthesitize their own being..

they divorce.   they disconnect from God, if they even had a relationship to begin with..

they become bitter, empty..  and remain that way..


One outcome seems far superior to the other to me... Does it not?


It is my experience and observation that Christianity does not serve as an immunity to suffering.  And I've mentioned before how often the fact that we will suffer is written in the bible..  -it is very clear.

but so is the promise of strength.. the promise of healing.. The promise you are not alone; the promise it can be used for good..

Obviously we want to pray for the health and well being and healing of everyone..

But when loved ones die..    we keep our faith and trust in an all loving God.. Who can purpose the suffering.. Who can help us transcend..

I repeat:   we come to earth with instructions:

what we love to do, instructs us on what we are here to do.

and what suffering we endure,  instructs us on who we are here to help.

In Jesus name,   -amen.


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