Thursday, May 07, 2015

On the recent death of a mom and her baby.. By (me!) sandra, tvgp

I drove past the area yesterday.. Saw the flowers, the cards, the balloons, the people, the..

LOVE .. pouring out from friends, family, neighbors, complete strangers..  

God IS LOVE.  and is clearly present...    I pray strength for the survivors, the boys the brothers, -everyone within loving distance of the deceased; the suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically, violently, unnecessarily deceased.

-we have the most obvious lesson; the consequences of drunk driving.  I do not know the statistics, but I do know, drunk driving accidents and tragedies have decreased significantly over the past couple decades thank you to the infatigue~able efforts of countless people who have helped raise awareness, toughen and enforce laws..

taxis.. designated drivers..   -huge help.   but we have not enlightened 100% of the population.. 

so.. let this tragic loss serve as a reminder and a wake up call.. to the seriousness; the crucial facts..   the very reason so many people have dedicated their own lives to making sure the message reaches everyone.

DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE.     -my own behavior has been positively effected by these efforts; this campaign..

I enjoy wine and beer.. On different occasions.. But when the occasion is in a location outside of my home..

someone else drives us to; someone else picks us up...

I have become highly conscious of the importance of this as a direct result of the efforts of others..   "Thank you!"


the other lesson..  straight to my heart...  and always, when I learn about a sudden tragic death;

-none of us KNOW.  not one of us KNOWS when and how exactly we will die..   

you can eat write, exercise, get a good education, increase or decrease the probability and life expectancy; potential..

But people die everyday at young ages, just walking on the sidewalk; just doing everyday things..

and perfectly healthy, good people die everyday at terribly young ages..  and everyday greedy, ugly, evil people live into their  90's

-and the opposite is also true..  good, healthy people living into their 90's; and evil ugly people die young..

one does not directly correlate with the other...

That is a very important lesson.

Everyday is a gift.   Every breath... 

How long you will be on this planet.. How long you have to spend with loved ones..    -you don't know.    -so spend it wisely.

In Jesus name,  amen! 


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