Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last Word regarding economics of low income.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I am 1. exhausted of the topic. And 2. Need to move on..  but I cannot move forward.. it would be a huge disservice if I did not share this before I close writing on this topic. So here:

ObamaCare:  -first let me thank Jesus.. for my health over the past decade living below the poverty level.. having no medical, dental, vision coverage for eight or nine years..

and I remind everyone here the reason I did not have coverage is because I COULD NOT AFFORD COVERAGE.  -not that I didn't want or need it.  K.

the only reason I have auto Insurance is because it is mandatory by law.  So,  making health insurance mandatory by law does get results.  I am now covered.

However!  And please pay attention here: I.. Who could not afford it to begin with.. Was financially penalised for not getting it on time.

-taking even more money from someone who has very little begin with..

-next.. I was behind on a payment.. So the result of that was extra penalties from the insurance and the bank..

Taking even more money away from someone who has very little..

So, the result of this mandatory health coverage has cost me..  A LOT.   and where is that money going.. To who? Really?   and times how many people are the mandatory penalty fees, insurance and bank fees being taken..      -why we keep taking more and more from those who don't have to begin with..  And giving more and more to those who have plenty is beyond my comprehension.

I would like to suggest here: The issue IS NOT healthcare.. The issue is COST of LIVING vs. WAGES..

that is where the gap  -grand canyon gap exists.

and I know there are some intelligent people out there who can address this issue..   -write.

and it just kills me.. That we pack our downtowns and cities with stores and restaurants which offer a minimum wage  -give or take a few bucks..   And then..

refuse to offer low income housing in the same area?!?

which means people who can't afford the basics.. are required to commute further.. Which costs more in gas, wear n tear on automobiles, etc. 

if ever there was a fixable problem... 

who among you hears the call?

In Jesus name, amen..


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