Monday, May 18, 2015

Is there a mix~ologist in the house.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

something old/something new; something borrowed, -someone's blue..

Old: /as I have mentioned it before. the award, -top honor! for best two songs ever blended and fused goes to...

whoever came up with the ides to mix john mayers , your body is a wonderland with..  I'm never speaking up again, I'll use my hands..

My God! what a perfect mix.. awesome.. Wow!

and now.. if someone with that same talent for mixing would help (me!) out..

I want to hear..  I long to hear.. I know it would be equally awesome if someone would blend/fuse/mix..

Louie Armstrong's, ~wonderful world


James Morrison's, ~wonderful world.

Oh! the lyrics! the music, collaboration of melodies.. the way it can hit home..  grand slam the life experience of both..  Of how it really is; can feel in any given week..  the miracles of life simultaneous with the traumas and tragedies..

something like this:


Armstrong..  "I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me & you, and I think to myself, ~what a wonderful world..

Morrison:  " and I know its a wonderful world,  but I can't feel it write now..  thought that I was doing well but i just wanna cry now.."


back n forth like that for the whole mixed long version...


borrowed:   = with intention/assumption it will be returned.


blue = validation for gray.


..something random; something true:

I watch the voice.. Love! The voice..  I could watch that level of talent and variety, for many, many, hours in a row and still long for more..    every song artist   -although entirely unique.. Wants exactly the same experience

That experience can be seen by watching beth hart sing I'd rather be blind for buddy guy when he received the Kennedy ..something.. Honor..

all of the performers were professional..talented.. Gave great performances..  Etc.    -but there can be no argument that beth hart's performance was above & beyond.

mystical, magical, miraculous, anointed, blessed, larger than life..

This level cannot be achieved every time she hits the stage; the expectation is unrealistic.  It is very special when it happens.

My guess is that every artist performing that night has had their own.. Let's call it a 'beth hart moment'  -on a stage somewhere under their own special circumstances..

And I think it is just as much a miracle and honor to witness as it is to experience.

So it becomes my prayer for every artist.. Singer, dancer, writer, Whatever..

I think it can happen more than once for sure... But if it only happens once

That is awesome!  -hope you get it recorded so it can be relived and shared with generations to come...

In Jesus name, amen


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