Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Im willing now to meet this tolstoy fellow (me!) sandra, tvgp

generically speaking: all of the people labeled 'great writers' of today, have studied and know, to some extent, the people who were labeled 'great writers' of yesterday.

So for those of you who can..  -name the top 10 greatest writers of all time.

k.  I probably do not know, and have never read them, but could recognise their names as names I've heard before floating around out there in media enough that it crossed my cerebral path.

I'm going to go google that write now..10 greatest writers of all time.   Or rather, after I post this, so as not to be interrupted while making my point.

my point is that Leo Tolstoy is on the list; most likely.

and I remember..  I think, his Anna Karenina, was an Oprah book club selection, and everyone was raving about how wonderful it was..

but I did brief research, and the entire story is based around infidelity.  My thoughts on the matter are already well documented here so I will not bother to repeat..

But in essence I had absolutely no interest and remain dumbfounded as to how the whole world is not bored to death with Infidelity as a plot line.  It does not get less original than that I promise you. Same story over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over ad nauseum.  -just change character names and scenery.

and it is why for (me!) The book titled Jewel, by (must relook up author) is a true masterpiece..    A true accomplishment!   and.. Was also an Oprah book club selection if I remember correctly..

Now.. Based on Anna Karenina alone I had zero interest in learning even 5 minutes more worth about this Tolstoy fellow..

-shame on me.

because just the other day I was listening to NPR .. National public radio on my 10 minute break and you don't even need one guess to know who they were talking about

-out of what must have been an entire half hour or hour talk.. My 10 minute break landed me write at the part where they discussed Tolstoy's later life conversion to Christianity..  and how he later  -denounced? Regretted?     -well, let's just say that post conversion he would not have invested his gifting and talent in writing the likes of Anna Karenina...

and then  they talked about his books post conversion..

and you don't even need one guess to know what books I'll be checking out next visit to the library...

dear Leo Tolstoy... I look forward now to meeting you.

in Jesus name, amen.


At 7:50 AM, Blogger SHE said...

Jewel by Bret Lott. Masterpiece.


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