Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Corinthians 13:13

this: -is where i live; literally. it is my spiritual address if you will: my spirit lives at 1 Corinthians 13:13.   lives there.

how do I know..   the same way in a recent post I described what happened when I received the writing prompts book..   -what that helped me fully realize is that..  I do not need writing prompts; but for how long this has been true, I do not know..

in that same way.. It was when I was having conversations with multiple others.. and faced with a given situation.. each person shared their response..  And as I listened to each of them..

I fully realized.. that is not what is in my mind, heart or spirit at all! My initial and -permanent residence is to react with faith, hope and love.   -nothing else is there... Nothing else gets in.   -I am amazed myself.. how real, how clear, how unwavering..

and I can remember when this was not the case.  I can remember in non specific ways.. 

being unable at all...and then only on special occasions.. Only under certain circumstances..  and gradually over time.. Without my being entirely conscious of the process..

I have arrived.

and it feels wonderful.

to live here:  at 1 Corinthians 13:13.   With faith, and hope and love.   -in response to ALL things, good or bad, hard or easy, traumatic or blissful..

-and to KNOW it..  


how fascinating to be able to interpret our internal goings-on!

I reask..   in circumstances relevant to the question:

Are you doing such n such out of obligation or because you want to?

when we provide an honest answer to that question..  -like, what is going on inside of us that allows us to judge/determine and know what our feelings are.?. Or determine when/how they subtly change..

I.e., I started out feeling obligated but now I want to..  Or vice versa..

-we know what we know. We interpret feelings all the time; unconsciously; but expertly

and I know.. That once upon I time I did not live in such a permanent way at 1 Corinthians 13:13..

I was not sure it even existed on the spiritual map.  

Then I learned it existed..

I visited it once or twice..   and then returned..

and on what date exactly I do not know, but

apparently I moved in.   I live there.  All the time.

and it is beautiful.   And guess what else..

there is room for everyone!   how awesome is that!

In Jesus name..  amen!


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