Sunday, May 03, 2015

Happy Birthday to...(my dad!) -from (me!)

In honor of his birthday, I will share one of his jokes..  -told very recently to me upon learning I visit a blog by a photographer in Finland.

***    see how his mind (all of our minds) work. ****  if I say "hot dog," he has a hot dog poem..   When I said "Finland" it reminded him immediately of this funny little story:

"There was a mountain.

On the top of the mountain there was a house of ill repute.

There was one man at the top of the mountain.
There was one man climbing up the mountain.
There was one man on his way down.

-based on that information  -can you tell me the nationalities of the three men?"

/this is where I just smile and wait for the punchline.

"Well,  the man on top..  Him~a~layan.
  And the man on his way up..   he's a' Russian..
And the man on his way down..

he Finnish.


/and that's the part where I just crack up..  And try to remember it so I can tell my postman friend who speaks the same language..

but I can never remember.

Exactly why I blog.


" Happy Birthday Dad!  You're the Best!  Love you!"



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