Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Super Soulers.. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Super soul Sundays with Oprah on OWN. I remain a fan.. You know my greatest concern for humanity is that we are investing so much in advancing our technology while humans are getting left far behind.

Helping humans evolve.. That is our greatest need.  And anyone who is helping in this crucial area.. "THANK YOU!"

pleased to see the panel of three 30 something's..  I am provided hope..

But! the answers to living a spiritual life are seeming a little too redundant and trite to me.. I do not question their authenticity in answer.. And all speak a certain truth:

yes live with gratitude.
Yes live in the moment.
Yes be able to meditate, evaluate, control your own thoughts, etc.
Yes your strength and happiness are INSIDE jobs and cannot be achieved externally..

I could go on. Its all true..  They've got it!  

But the true test to me, for me personally of a spiritual leader is not whether or not they live with gratitude..

the true test is in their response to personal and others ~suffering.

Dear Oprah.. I am about to share my very real world, real life experiences/observations on any given week..

The question for spiritual leaders is this: how do you process suffering:

-a perfectly healthy elementary school age child just collapsed in an unexpected death.

-a child diagnosed with cancer

-a man just abandoned his family..

-a friends sibling committed suicide..

-a ten year old baby died..

-a 47 year old died of a heart attack..

-a child down the street was molested..

-a mother/daughter were just killed by a drunk driver..

-a teen was hospitalized for attempting suicide..

-a cyber bully just released humiliating videos of someone they wanted to humiliate..

-rapes, murders, wars, violence, crime, genocides, poverty, natural disasters.. Greed, corruption..

true spiritual leaders will be able to speak on and address life issues on this level.  I keep my eyes and ears and heart open..

In Jesus name, amen..


At 12:24 PM, Blogger SHE said...

what I would like to see.. Is

well, I think I've had my fill of spiritual leaders who are all dressed nicely.. have had their hair and makeup done for a TV appearance..

and who speak eloquently for a TV audience and from a stage..

what I would like to see.. Is spiritual leaders who are interviewed from within hospital wards.. Oncology units.. Military hospitals.. Womens shelters, jail cells..

Near homeless populations..

Answering the phone hotlines for runaway, abuse, rape or suicide contemplation victims..

in orphanages.. I could go on and on..

but the real spiritual leaders among us.. They are not necessarily hosting large conferences for the uncertain masses..

they are in the trenches.

I would like to see more interviews from within the trenches..

Bedside visits; funerals..


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