Thursday, May 07, 2015

Dear Professor Paul Davies, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

regarding through the wormhole..  yes!  i was most intrigued with your segment of the program.  specifically these theories mentioned:

the introduction to the segment itself:

-What has yet to happen effects what's happening now..

-could the ultimate destiny of the cosmos effect what's possible in the here and now?

And your thought.. That what happens in the future 'reaches back' in time and effects what's happening in the present.


I say,  -you are on to something!  please read my prior post..

I have no doubt the future is question is how far into the future.. So I like the wording above.. 'The ultimate destiny of the cosmos..'

I think my Oprah scheduling a guest analogy is quite similar to you at the anniversary dinner.  -once something is scheduled in the future.. And you arrive at that event in the now, which you scheduled in the past..

All decisions were in service to honoring/keeping what you had scheduled..  so yes, a future event on the calendar does in fact 'reach back' and effect what is happening in the here and now..

let's bring God and the Bible in...   in case you have not been properly introduced

/as many science~types seem to have their heads in different books and social life's in different circles.. But!   Check it out when you get a chance..

there are MANY references to... MANY uses of the word:

Predestined.     -and we are all in agreement about what that means.

The Bible actually supports your theories; imagine that.

And.. common belief/understanding among Christians is: "The victory has already been won"


I think.. The single most important word in your entire segment is:


my understanding of your way of thinking, based on the kids not skipping class analogy in the program..

you eliminate any opportunity for free will in your theory.   Lean toward -determinism.

I think..  free will is the most precious, most valuable gift included within the human masterpiece..

without it.. We are all as you say.. Robots with a specific future going through the motions and fulfilling a specific destiny.

But I believe.. have certainly come to believe  -having existed both in the secular and in the Christian..  and having observed, learned some about other faith systems..

that there exists more than one 'ultimate destiny'..

and there are a myriad of potential PATHWAYS which lead one to a specific destiny within a myriad of potential destinies..

but we can at all times only be on one given pathway.. and then DECISIONS serve as GPS.. and redirect or propel us forward on a given path..

But I believe in free will..  opportunities to change pathways..  opportunities to change ultimate destinies..   let's think of the saying 'I see you headed down the wrong path...'

..decision making is our steering wheel...

but..  how do we make decisions.. And what is all this nonsense about 'following your heart'.   'Listening to your gut'.   Honoring your instincts..

or the internal experience of knowing that you are overriding your heart, your gut, your intuition...

I see within human beings the opportunity to experience and practice choice-making which can either   -to its extreme, destroy or create a beautiful life..

I think a lot on how much, how often, how deeply, lives are transformed by the love of Jesus..   when Jesus serves as an individuals lord and savior..   guide.  -the internal changes are real.

the results are..  phenomenal.   but free will allows for the opportunity.. it is not a mandate.  We are not robots..

I think there is more than one ultimate destiny for each individual.. and that destiny can either be..  Good or.. not so good in both the here.. And the ever after.

when you combine knowledge of the human spirit (soul) with the witnessing of lives which were on one path.. Headed in one direction.. And then conscious decisions are made which redirect..and change the path..  Improve it..

I'm skipping to another common Christian understanding.. God straightens crooked paths..   creates a way where there was no way..

life pathways.. 

and there is an internal knowing when people 'surrender to Gods will' vs. their own..

Gods design..  Vs. Their own..    -amazing things happen! 

I believe we are in fact -deciding.  And some pathways are much more rewarding than others..  Some pathways are of much greater service to humanity than others..   we do have more than one potential destiny..    and we are both flesh and spirit..  And there is a great difference between people who walk in the flesh vs. Walk in the spirit..

and the future for those who walk in the spirit is..  Much lighter.

-more thoughts later, but yes..  More than one potential future is reaching back in time and effecting the here and now.

God has predestined everyone for glory and life ever after..

but not everyone chooses God.

In Jesus name,   amen!


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