Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brudders & Sistours. as seen by (me!) -writeousmom..

i have always been curious, in regard to the family video mentioned in prior post..  like, -how on earth, at 2 1/2.. did TaRyN come up with this "to all my brudders and sistours".    for one, she didn't have any brudders or sistors..   Only one 'brudder' who would not arrive into the world for another four days..  and for two..   that address, 'brudders & sistours' was not in my vocabulary at all, nor in her fathers.. no one in our immediate family,   -and this is long before I was watching so much church TV..

I've always been curious where she picked that up.   -it is so sweet to me..   how inclusive.

" to my brudders.. and my sistours..   and my whole fam~ily..  and my mom.. and my dad.. and my grandpa.. and my grandma.. and to my rob.. and to my Keesh.. 


there is one more highlight in that video.. melts me! to the core.  My sister has TaRyN on her hip..   Like me, my sister is also pregnant at the time, only she is couple months behind me..

but my daughter touches her aunties tummy.. she at first is talking through a pacifier " -its just a baby now..  

but when he gets bigger..."  Removes pacifier and her arm shoots up as she readies to share the big revelation..."he can play with me!".  -and then they talk some more about visiting wal mart when the baby arrives..  -very, very sweet.. 


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