Friday, May 08, 2015

Better One Day In Your Court... a national prayer from (me!) sandra, tvgp

IT IS national day of prayer..   the first thing I celebrate is the fact that if I did not have work..  

I AM CAPABLE of sitting and peacefully praying for many hours at a time.  That ability to peacefully focus for marathon amounts of time

would have been impossible a decade ago..   Certainly impossible when I suffered from PTSD..

so my very first prayer is "Thank You Jesus!" for my own healing which  then allows me to pray for others..

time restricts me from praying as I am capable.. So my prayer for everyone then is this:

that YOU experience the presence of God in your life.

It is an undeniable, unexplainable, peace and confidence no matter what crisis or circumstance you are facing.  It is to KNOW you are loved; you are not alone..

it is NOT the absence of crisis or challenges or burdens or concerns..

IT IS an internal knowledge that you are loved and not alone and will be provided whatever it is you need to get through..

God does not provide as the world provides; nor how the world tells you you need to be provided for..

You might believe you need money, when what you really need is energy..

You might believe you need energy, when what you really need is money..

You might believe you need rescued, when what you really need is strength..

You might believe you need strength, when what you really need is a safe place to cry your eyes out and collapse for a while.

God knows what YOU really need; and God will provide.   Gods motives are pure; with only your best interest at heart..

God sees the before, the after.. your entire life in context and sees in fact, all of humanity; for all of time; into the eternal..

For people, like myself, and for countless others.. But we are everywhere...!

People who have and do experience Gods love and presence..

It is so ......   so....    what word?   Glorious? Overwhelming in its peacefulness..

Well, it is only natural to wish it and pray it for the whole wide world!

And for those of us who experience God's love and presence..

the lyrics, the passage regarding "better one day in your court, than a thousand elsewhere.."

That then becomes my prayer on this national day of prayer..

That today becomes that one day in his court..  for everyone.

That everyone has that experience.. which connects them deeply and permanently to the meaning

Better one day in your court, than a thousand elsewhere.

In Jesus Name.. Amen!


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