Friday, May 29, 2015

And it goes like this... for (me!) sandra, tvgp

-my daughters graduation party..  "I only cried once!". proud of myself..  and deeply grateful to her dad and his girlfriend for hosting  the event at their gorgeous boat house; deeply grateful for the amazing climate.. and, especially because it was a long drive..  and not local for my friends and family..  that everyone went out of their way to come share in this milestone celebration despite the drive..   " thank you!".  -I dont know how my daughter could be anything but happy, grateful.. for this combination "congratulations!" & "good luck/blessings for college!"    -she has an abundance of thank you cards to write...  and it is always a privilege to write and or receive thank you cards... 

-there is a song that plays on KLOVE.. the lyrics I let play on repeat in my heart/mind say.."..You're going to do great things... I already know.. God's got his hand on you.".   I think it; sing it; pray it; write it; know it; believe it...

yes I do.

but that doesn't stop me from saying "Jesus.. who came up with this stupid idea that we are supposed to send our kids away to college..  How did we get sold this crappy bill of goods?  No one ever asked me..  Its just this.. What.. Habit... Someone else designed the whole stupid program..  I think its stupid.. I don't believe it is really necessary..   She can be Independent write here,  she can learn just as much...

and in a text to my daughter:  -would you believe me if I told you it has absolutely nothing to do with your choice of colleges.  -I swear it! Its just that I'm suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to move near your college..  because...  because I love trees. 


There is a saying about when " all the planets align".  -a short cut for saying everything that could go write; did go write.. Lots of green lights in a row that allow something to take place..

but what is the opposite?  I'll tell you.. I had been marking my calendar and counting down the days to Barones opening night of music under the stars the way a child marks the calendar and counts down to Christmas.. 

then my sister .. best friend... dance partner... partner in crime.. -she got the flu.   then a couple friends, including Mr Motown, -said they couldn't make it..  and the weather started to turn...

all this time I was so excited

Our favorite band, pride & joy, was performing opening night!  -it doesn't get better..

but no planets were aligning and in fact Barones themselves canceled the event.    I only sulked very momentarily.. Because just as when you should not ignore all the planets aligning; and a series of back to back green lights

nor should you Ignore the misalignment, red light, red light, red light signals..

In the words of Shakespeare:   "T'was not meant to be."


so.. Last night then was the official opening night and a spectacular opening night it was!  

climate: perfect.
band: cheeseballs;  -fantastic!   /and looks like the darling blond singer is with child in womb..   dancing no doubt...
attendance: wonderful! my sister well enough to rally and even danced a couple; Mr Motown/Craig saved some seats and dances for us.. couple friends of my sisters.. and a half dozen familiar faces of people we don't know by name, but know from several years of mutual dance nights..   and! the whole gorgeous patio area.. packed again!  happy dancing people in every direction.. they spill off the dance floor to in between chairs and tables..

now,  last year I believe the hottest, like, most popular dance song of the season was blurred lines..

and the very second I heard the uptown funk song on the radio I announced to my kids, niece, nephew..  'This! this the next hottest dance song..  at Barones..  Everyone will hit the dance floor for this one..'

its got that funky Motown danceable beat..   and seems like it was practically custom written for Mr Motown's dance moves; a perfect pairing if there ever was one..    An extra treat to share the dance floor with him for that one..

and he took my sister on the floor for her favorite, favorite...  Its getting hot in here...

and I will never tire of looking around the patio as the band plays and watching who lights up for what song.. but you can always tell when someone's favorite dance song plays.. 

The additional animation...  -when people are their most alive..

So..  The 2015 music under the stars season has officially begun..  and we had quite a lot of fun getting warmed up...

"Cheers!".    and a big thank you Jesus!

Plus..  I am more excited write now than the paparazzi at the Oscars..   tomorrow is my daughters senior ball!  

Mama~razzi heaven!   And grandma~razzi!   -we are a fierce photographing team...   and she is gracious about humoring us...

" thank you!" love....   ~amen.


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