Sunday, April 19, 2015

Visiting your grandma on nana glen. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

speaking of divine..

all this time I've thought.. One day I would live part time in Hawaii, part time in new York, part time in pleasanton..

-after my several year stay in Atlanta helping survivors of human trafficking..

but as of this very morning..  Like, it just suddenly came to (me!)..

crystal clear as Russell crowe's eyes.. /on CBS Sunday morning.

that actually..

Yes..   /I tuned in my heart..  listened very closely..  in prayer..

my grandkids are not going to be visiting me in Hawaii, or new York, or pleasanton...!

they will be visiting their Rockin' grandma at Nana glen!  on 1400 acres of... ooh LA LA...

I smiled toward heaven.. "As long as this is your will God, and not my own..

I guess I'll do it..    Give up my Hawaii, new York, pleasanton dream for..

Australia!".     Hallelujah and amen! 


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