Monday, April 27, 2015

Validation day! for (me!) sandra, tvgp

very recently I wrote about how I disqualified one of Oprah's super soul Sunday guests because when answering the question, 'what happens when we die?'. -he answered, 'nothing.'

so I write away thought, or knew rather, that he is not at the master level.. Perhaps a freshman.. 

Because every spiritual teacher at the master level KNOWS the physical body is just a container; there is a soul or spirit.. Call it, label it what you want, but there is a part that lives on..

I explained that when someone does not know this.. Its not the same as just having a different opinion..  It is lack of knowledge.

Last night watching my taped show of Oprah's super soul Sunday, it was not one long interview with one spiritual teacher, but excerpts from several different interviews..

And to the question, 'what happens when we die'.  -they all communicated a part of us that lives on.

Each used a different vocabulary; said it in their own words.. But the essence of each answer was the same..

and I offer here.. That anyone who devotes time to meditation and/or prayer arrives, eventually, at that same knowledge.  


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