Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Take Away. -for (me!) sandra, tvgp

Coworker friend: "I saw tony Robbins too.. I loved him."

(Me!):  "the thing that stands out for me is how..   how my car was the only clunker in the parking lot..  there was nothing but expensive luxury cars..."

coworker friend:  "so, you realized these people know what they're doing.. "

(Me!):  "..that's so funny.. because that's not my take away at all.. I met people who could afford the tickets, drove expensive luxury cars.. and some who already had tickets to see him at a future event in Hawaii..   -my take away, - was like..  people! if you can afford to see him, afford those cars, and afford to go to Hawaii..

like,  -what do you even need this guy for?"

coworker friend:  "what I really learned that helped me, is how your brain will listen to what your body does.. so if you smile.. your brain will automatically respond and you'll feel happier..."

(Me!):   "if that works for you.. if you got results.. I would never argue with you.. do what gets results.  But that falls apart for me because I know many people who just wear a phony smile.. learn to wear a phony smile..  they don't become happier..  just phony."

and here, my coworker just kind of repeated "phony smile.  yeah I do hear what you're saying.."


it is my experience, observation.. that happiness, peace, contentment, joy..  etc.

-those are inside jobs.  Inside work, when it is successful..  shows naturally on the outside.

not an outside job, that naturally gets reflected on the inside.

I can summon up countless people I've met, encountered along the way who look beautiful, and smile big in public..

but behind the scenes.. in truth.. they are miserable.

-that's my personal experience..  but if you get positive results starting from the outside.. and come to learn it is having a positive impact on you inside..

I would never argue.  I'm after results.  I like actual results.  -find a path that works for you..

but find a path.


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