Monday, April 20, 2015

Super soul wild moment for (me!) sandra, tvgp

-watching with my sister.. Amy purdy.. and when she talked about feeling her last heart beat and then leaving her body.. I paused it to tell my sister about what my hand wrote..

-at the last heart beat, the soul departs.   /something close to that I would need to relook..

But a couple things strike me.. I use the word spirit and think the word spirit much more than the word soul..  And.. the word -depart- is not much in my vocabulary either..  -ever?   And... fascinating that there is not an association with. -last breath, or last brain wave, last thought..

it was so clear and specific:  at the last heart beat the soul departs.

-when Amy talks about leaving her body; I can validate that with my own experience..

and when she talks about 'the voice' -that feels similar to her own thought, but is not her own thought..

I can validate that also..    It is very difficult to articulate and describe; but you sure do know it when it happens..

and I'm with her also.. In knowing there is more after we leave our physical containers..

and I just know (believe with my whole heart) we still communicate with living humans but answer to different physical laws..

the more I think on; read about; hear from others..

the idea graduates from mildly plausible to completely obvious.

I'm extremely grateful to have access to these people; their stories; these conversations..    -where else do they exist on TV?   "Thank you Oprah!"

-to your other wonderful question..  why are we here?

I believe we come to earth with instructions:

what we love to do; instructs us on what we are here to do.

what suffering we endure; instructs us on who we are here to help.


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