Sunday, April 19, 2015

So you say your an atheist.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

also.. Great segment on CBS Sunday morning.. Seculars coming out of the closet..    /as if God didn't already know..

-the part that intrigues (me!)..   we each have an internal truth we are trying to match  -and when we do, we have the experience of "living authentically"

-the part that fascinates (me!). -we each have a way of knowing/interpreting whether or not we are living authentically (true to ourselves) or not.

our true selves.. are not necessarily "THE TRUTH".. 

but I'm convinced it is the write path..  be true to yourself.   -and if you pay attention..  you will see this turns out to be so important

-that people become willing to give up many things; pay high costs.. pay with their actual lives sometimes..

Because living a false life is so...  Unbearable over time; unbearable.

so whatever it might be.. I'm (really) a secular living a (fake) religious life.  Or,

I'm (really) a Christian living a (fake) academic scientist life. Or,

I'm (really) a homosexual living a (fake) heterosexual life.  Or,

I'm (really) a scientific secular, living a (fake) Christian life..

I'm (really) an artist, living a (fake) businessman life...

-reverse any of the above; and a long, long list could be created..

but the point is.. each person has a (really), and each of us have a way of knowing when we are living a fake or inauthentic life..  even when we can trick or convince the general public/family/friends otherwise..

how the (really) self foundation originates?  is born? Evolves?

The (fake) is much more obvious to me.. Born from family culture, social culture,  -need to be approved, loved, valued, make a living..

and are those people blessed.. Whose (real) self.. Is already a match with what values are accepted/rewarded by their family and social cultures..

and isn't it something to experience and witness when there is not a match.

what great price humans are willing to pay to ultimately live an authentic life..

and!  how great and deep the love.. when people live inauthentically for their entire lives.. because they want a better life for their children.. Or other loved ones..   -to protect another..

I'm wow'd by it all....     Amen!


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