Monday, April 20, 2015

Read You Like A Book. a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp


read you.

read you like a book.

that is,

i will regard your cover. note the design. the colors. the words. the blurbs. the forward. the dedication.

flip you back and forth a few times.

open you up.  a random location.

lick my finger. close my eyes. land on a predetermined word.

run my finger across and down. 

skip past cliches. the ands. the the's. the this' & that's. the so's and the very's.

treasure hunt for gold.   between the lines.  i linger.

reread. go back. skip ahead.

put you in the context you intended; and the context i project.

continue. skipping and lingering....

until i reach deep inside

to the last word

on the last page.

-confirming what i knew a hundred paragraphs before:

"i love you."

and i'm gonna need some more;

of you.

and your book.  and your story.



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