Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pain is my editor today. (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

Hand & wrist pain prevent me from typing much -I must be concise!

"What criteria does Oprah use to choose her super soul Sunday guests?".  -my sister's excellent question!

-because I have, in my own heart and mind, disqualified a few..

one of the spiritual leaders, when asked what happens after death, said " nothing."

-disqualified!   -this is not the same as not welcoming a different opinion..  its that anyone who has made a certain level of spiritual progress KNOWS the physical body is a container and the spirit or soul.. lives on.   Exactly how, doing what?  -but this is not the end.

So for me.. In this Interview Oprah is not Interviewing a master level spiritual teacher, but perhaps a freshman..

-same. With the one who said no one is broken..

-DISQUALIFIED!   honey, we've got addictions, neuroses, greed, insecurities, misunderstandings, ....    we are broken and need help evolving..

that's why we are even turning to spiritual teachers in the first place!


-so..  I don't know what criteria Oprah uses.. But I have my own..

and might I suggest Joyce Meyer as a master level teacher.  -why hasn't she been on the show?

In Jesus name,   -amen!


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