Monday, April 20, 2015

Love IS all you need. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

love is the topic again:   we already know the biblical defintion/scriptures.. love is patient, kind, not self~seeking, etc.

and last time I wrote about love as infinite.. before you were here it existed; long after you go.. Love will exist. It does not run out, like a natural resource.. it only lives, grows, expands eternally.. no religion has the monopoly.. it applies to all of humanity..

and today I want to write about that saying.. Love is all you need.

It does not mean.. You don't need food, sleep, family, friends, a job, etc.   it does not mean love is all you need -literally.  It means that love is all you need in order to do anything else..   -that with love..

anything is possible.   /note bible passages:   with God all things are possible.  And, God is love.

"To love and be loved,". I respond to Shakespeare, " eliminates the question."

my hand is in pain or I would type more.. So I will close with two thoughts..

-a person cannot be full of love and hate at the same time. To get rid of hate

All you need is....


...for God so loved the world...



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