Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Isaiah 61:7 as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

to young people contemplating suicide:

I did too.  More than once.

visit my website.  Look at the picture of me with my kids.

I am crazy in love with my children!  not one second of the awesome, extraordinary experience of being a mom would be possible had my attempts been successful

In every moment with my children I thank God.  -my children ARE my double blessing!!

God works through people..  he works through others to help you..  And then -if you allow

He will work through you to help others..

I repeat:  we come to earth with instructions:

-what we love to do; instructs us on what we are here to do.

-what suffering we endure; instructs us on who we are here to help..

I know the suffering which results in contemplation and attempts of

how can I help you?    I am wildly happy and fulfilled as I write this..

/despite severe economic hardship..

when I was stuck in my despair.. I was unable.. Completely unable.. To foresee or hope for.. Or believe in.. A time I would not be in pain.

I know you cannot necessarily believe in it or see it write now..

But it does exist. I am living proof.   -I love this from Martha beck, I believe it was.. Anne Lamont?

-take it a day at a time.   -but sometimes that can just seem way too ambitious.. So just take it by the hour

Or the minute..

Or breath by breath..   it can be done.  There is another side.

My prayer for you:  love to help you find and cross the long bridge..

With love, and in Jesus name,   God bless you!


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