Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Stand Corrected. - (me!) sandra, tvgp

i also recently wrote about how, based on my occasional tv viewing of the city council meetings..

/and, yes.. that tells you what an exciting person i am behind closed doors..   

well, that i was definitely left with the impression that unless it was absolutely mandated by law.. -there would be no affordable housing in pleasanton; period.

but!  This is not so...  because look here:

may I present, please, an excerpt from April 24th 2015 issue of The Pleasanton Weekly column, around pleasanton, by editor, jeb bing, which reads:

At the developers request, the council WAIVED the requirement (boy, requirement sure is a relative term here, isn't it)

WAIVED the REQUIREMENT to make at least 15%, or some 52 apartments, available as below-market-rate units. Instead, Carmel Partners paid the city $4.5 million when it took out its building permits so that it could offer (offer is an interesting choice of words here.. so generous in nature...isn't it)

So they could offer all 345 units at upscale rents.


so allow me to stand corrected then,  because EVEN WITH certain laws in place..

Still there is no affordable housing.


for the record, rent is scheduled as follows:

Studio/1 bedroom. $1,900 a month.
2 bedroom: $2,803 a month.
3 bedroom: $3,427 a month.


so, I'm looking for, like, ..   around 8 or 9 roommates to share a 1 bedroom...


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